21 Simple Images That Exemplify Minimalism

Sometimes less is more. When that comes to photography that is often true. Beginner photographers frequently try to put too much into their photos. That causes the image to be cluttered and the subject to be less clear. Let’s see some examples.

21 super simple compositions that show how you can use minimalism to create stunning and effective images.

Namelas Frade

By Namelas Frade


By Andreas

Iñaki Bolumburu

By Iñaki Bolumburu

Nebojsa Mladjenovic

By nebojsa mladjenovic

Daniel Sjöström

By Daniel Sjöström

Aarthi Narayanan

By Aarthi Narayanan

ELKayPics / Lutz Koch

By eLKayPics / Lutz Koch

Chetiya Sahabandu

By Chetiya Sahabandu


By Etienne


By serzhile

THE ZEN DIARY — David Gabriel Fischer

By THE ZEN DIARY — David Gabriel Fischer


By danscape.co


By alexcoitus

Toni Verdú Carbó

By Toni Verdú Carbó

Neil Tackaberry

By Neil Tackaberry

Patrick Marioné - Thanks For > 2M

By Patrick Marioné – thanks for > 2M

Bernard Spragg. NZ

By Bernard Spragg. NZ

John Twohig

By John Twohig

Katheirne Hitt

By Katheirne Hitt


By Daoan

Martin Brigden

By Martin Brigden

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