26 Solid Images of Heavy Items

Earlier we looked at images of lightweight objects and how some photographers captured their essence.

So how about some heavy items? Large, bulky, hefty, ominous. How would you photograph a large heavyweight thing? Let’s see how these photographers did it:

Gerry Balding

By Gerry Balding

Mikael T

By Mikael T


By @mopictures

Tom Gill

By Tom Gill

Jonathan Gross

By Jonathan Gross


By jdegenhardt

Dawn Beattie

By Dawn Beattie

Patrick Buechner

By Patrick Buechner


By nutmeg66

Paulius Malinovskis

By Paulius Malinovskis


By CameliaTWU

Donnie Nunley

By Donnie Nunley

Mark Iocchelli

By Mark Iocchelli

Ville Miettinen

By Ville Miettinen

Des Morris

By Des Morris

Steve Evans

By Steve Evans

David Marvin

By David Marvin


By Aidan

Mariano Mantel

By Mariano Mantel


By Nicki

Dave Shea

By Dave Shea

Anton Bielousov

By Anton Bielousov


By RayMorris1


By Caitlin


Carlos Andrés Reyes

By Carlos Andrés Reyes

Rachel Melton

By Rachel Melton

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