29 Polished Images of Shiny Things

I think as human beings we are all attracted to shiny things – oh look squirrel! Just kidding.

But they go grab our eye. However, photographing them can be a bit trickier. You have to watch out for reflections, or maybe use them in your composition to your advantage. But you have to be intentional about it as a photographer.

In these images I found of shiny things let’s see how some other photographers handled this tough subject:

Darlene Hildebrandt

By Darlene Hildebrandt (a selfie of mine from 2009!)

Brian Burger

By Brian Burger

Bill Gracey

By Bill Gracey

Sean Molin

By Sean Molin

Lawrence OP

By Lawrence OP

Dave Wilson

By Dave Wilson

Kurt Bauschardt

By Kurt Bauschardt

Alan Newman - An1.uk

By Alan Newman – an1.uk

Neil  Kremer

By Neil Kremer


By Kolby

Siggi Churchill

By Siggi Churchill

Cathy McCray

By Cathy McCray

Jon Matthies

By Jon Matthies

*Vintage Fairytale*

By *Vintage Fairytale*


By killerturnip


By Kolby


By Tiago

Darlene Hildebrandt

By Darlene Hildebrandt

> Mr.D Photography

By > Mr.D Photography

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk


By Mark

Ron Doke

By Ron Doke

Nana B Agyei

By Nana B Agyei

Genna G

By Genna G

Philippa Willitts

By Philippa Willitts


By carlos

Aleksey Gnilenkov

By Aleksey Gnilenkov


By Fatima

Tobias S.

By Tobias S.

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