4 Cinematic Lighting Setups for Filmmakers

From the B&H YouTube Channel:
In this video, Chase from Zacuto briefly demonstrates cinematic lighting set ups that filmmakers can use for 4 popular film genres: Noir, Romance, Horror and Sci-fi. Starting with sci-fi, the team creates a colorful, other-worldly look with textured backgrounds and multiple lights. For noir, they demonstrate what can be done with just one powerful light along with careful placement of light modifiers to create a classic look. The romance look teaches the importance of soft, high-key light, and how to turn set pieces into diffused light sources. Lastly, the horror look shows how to create a frightening atmosphere with shadows and fog, plus you’ll get to see a clever practical light trick.
As you might ave guessed, B&H carries most of the supplies needed for these cinematic lighting setups.

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