5 Basic Tips for A/B Testing

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A/B testing is arguably the simplest way to analyze the effectiveness of a particular component of your marketing campaign. Some consider this synonymous to split testing. Others consider it as a variant of split testing, with multivariate testing being the other.

Entrepreneurs who observe a sharp decline in their sales and conversions can run this test to bring back the vigor of their site. A/B testing, after all, provides one of the most efficient ways to know more about consumer preferences. This allows businessmen to device strategies that can guarantee an increase in their profits.

In the vein, web masters can garner an idea on how they can tweak web designs to get more visitors on the landing page. Suffice to say, A/B testing helps developers determine all the right adjustments on colors, buttons, layout, and web content that can get them ideal results.

This type of test consists of several key components.

Two versions

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