A Fantastic Flow-Motion Photography Ride Through Istanbul

In what’s probably the best tourism video to be released this year, viewers can take a hyper-lapse ride through the streets of Istanbul, across the Bosphorus River and into the famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque—all in a rapid-fire two minutes. Check it out:

The video was made by British media specialist Rob Whitworth, who’s made similarly amazing videos—which he dubs “flow-motion”—of Dubai, Pyongyang, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and beyond. Here, he’s working with Turkish Airlines to show the vibrancy of one of the world’s oldest cities.

rob whitworth flow motion

Those interested in the process behind one of these videos might want to check out this 45-second behind-the-scenes clip, which proves just how enormous a production it is to make one of these two-minute videos:

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a timelapse you can pull off with a tripod and an SLR at home—this is a major undertaking.

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