Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.8 /6.8 and Mobile Updates Now Available

From Adobe:
Lightroom CC 2015.8
Introducing Reference View
Reference View is a new view mode available in the Develop Module that allows you to compare 2 different images in order to make them visually consistent. This is helpful when making a group of images from a single event look similar or setting the white balance appropriately in mixed lighting conditions.
To get started,

  1. Go to the Develop Module
  2. Click on Reference View. Its on the Toolbar, and you may need to show the Toolbar if hidden
  3. Drag and Drop your Reference Photo onto the left pane. You can change your Reference Photo by either dragging a different image onto the left pane or using the “Set as Reference Photo” context menu in the Library Module.
  4. Edit the active photo. Use the Reference Photo to guide your editing decisions.

Click here for more information on Reference View.
Performance Improvements
Lightroom CC (2015.8) / 6.8 includes ‘under-the-hood’ changes designed to improve the responsiveness of your Lightroom experience. You should notice improvements in image editing responsiveness when background tasks (such as Preview Generation) are running, moving files between folders, running catalog backups.
Fit/Fill Improvements
You can now zoom to fit and zoom to fill. Particularly when using ultra high-resolution (i.e. 4K and 5K) monitors, prior versions of Lightroom would not completely fill the Loupe window.
Additional Features

  • Ability to filter or create a Smart Collection for images that have Snapshots associated with them.
  • Export a Collection Set as a new catalog.

New Camera and Lens Profile Support in Lightroom CC (2015.8) / 6.8
See here.
New Tethered Shooting Support in Lightroom CC (2015.8) / 6.8

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Customer reported issues resolved

  • Released a new set of Camera Matching Profiles for Canon 5D Mark IV.
  • Improved support for Canon 5D Mark IV dual pixel raw images. Please see this note for further details.
  • Lightroom would show an error dialog when attempting to open an image in Photoshop. Please note that this only occurred on Windows and only when selecting “Open in Photoshop” as a Post-Processing item in the Export dialog.
  • Fixed issues relating to the Point Curve as reported here and here
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Library collection panel scrolled unexpectedly when you duplicate/rename/delete a collection set
  • Problem with watermark opacity in export slideshow
  • Will not export both portrait and landscape oriented pictures as a slideshow video in 720 or 1080
  • Slideshow not working, only getting black screen
  • Selected Published Folder or Collection is not deselected if a folder is selected
  • Background images in Slideshow sometimes appeared pixelated.
  • Allow image panning by holding down space bar and then swipe with two fingers when local correction tool (such as the Local Adjustment Brush or Radial Filter) is activated.
  • Resolved inconsistent preset sorting issue.
  • Resolved issues when importing from an Apple iPhone or iPad using USB.
  • Video files from Sony cameras were not being imported into Lightroom.
  • Opening photos in Photoshop from Lightroom using Edit In does not work correctly for some operations
  • Map and Web modules do not work correctly with 4K UHD monitor
  • Sort by capture time doesn’t always work on 2015.7 / 6.7

Installation Instructions
Please select Help > Updates to use the update mechanism in the Creative Cloud app.

Lightroom Mobile Updates
Lightroom for iPhones includes a new edit experience, a new info section, a new capture interface with a brand new professional mode, support for all of the latest cameras and lenses provided in today’s Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom releases, as well as bug fixes and improvements. Lightroom for iPads adds in the new capture interface, camera and lens support, and bug fixes, and Lightroom for Android provides support for new cameras and lenses as well as bug fixes. To download Lightroom for iOS and Android, tap here.
The teams for both Lightroom for iPads as well as Lightroom for Android are also working on adding in the new edit and info experiences and we hope to release those updates soon.
Check out the new series of videos our very own Julieanne Kost has made covering Lightroom Mobile from end-to-end, including these new features, by clicking here.
In Lightroom for iPhones, you’ll find the following updates:
New Edit Interface
Lightroom mobile 2.6 represents a significant evolution of editing on mobile devices. We wanted to improve the ability to quickly find and access tools and ensure the fastest way to enhance and edit images on a phone. Our design team reached out to photographers of all skill levels to help us figure out how people edit with Lightroom mobile, what’s missing, and how we could make it even better. This update represents our first release taking advantage of this research.
Finally, we built ways of expanding the interface so that additional groups of functionality could be added in, like the often requested ability to add in titles, captions, and copyright from mobile devices. This new interface extensibility means we can continue to deliver on the features that photographers have been asking for, turning their mobile devices into more and more capable image processing devices.
New Capture Interface and Professional Mode
Version 2.6 also adds in a brand new capture interface (the same that Android users received earlier this year) that provides access to a new professional mode that provides control over all aspects of your camera’s exposure and focus. This new mode makes it easy to dial in exactly the exposure you need to capture the shot you want.
These updates are all available now, tap here to download.
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