After Christmas Photography Deals

christmas photography dealsThe holiday season is upon us and many are opening shiny new photography toys. These publishers alerted us that they are rolling out deals on photography tools & education right now for those looking to learn how to use some of their new cameras & accessories.

eBooks and instant download files also make great gifts, many have simply transferred them to a USB drive and hung them as an ornament or put them under the tree.

1. The Photography Snap Cards – at 80% off

There is a card to cover virtually every type of photographer situation imaginable. They are a training boot camp and reference companion in your camera bag.

2. Aurora #1 HDR Photography Software – coupon code picturecorrect


Just won an award for best app of 2017. It is a complete start-to-finish HDR toolkit with revolutionary tone-mapping algorithms.

3. Fireworks Photography Tutorial eBook – at 55% off


The New Year’s fireworks shows are fast approaching! With the tips & techniques in this book, you should be fully prepared to photograph fireworks ($ 9 marked down from $ 20).

4. New Lightroom Mastery eBook – at 60% off for launch

Designed to show you how to use the new Lightroom Classic CC photo editor to its full potential through teaching you the basic premises of the software.

5. The Photography Tutorial eBook & Presets – at 60% off

Over 250 pages of insider tips & tutorials on how to take better landscapes, cityscapes, and advanced trick photography such as long exposure light painting. 10 presets included.

6. Newly Updated Luminar Pluto Photo Editor – coupon code picturecorrect


Luminar is a new all-in-one photo editor designed to ensure the ultimate in creativity and convenience.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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