Along came a spider …

Walking around the small backyard I have paid off in terms of finding bugs …The spider seems to enjoy dinner! Or I did it justice or not, seems to be the fact it only has 2 eyes, and looks like a squirrel and the like it is looking at me, made my day!IMG class=”inlineimg” title=”Lust” border=”0″ alt=”” src=”” PI have tried to my newly acquired knowledge (thanks Brian!). A question that has not been resolved lens is blocking my own flash … trying to figure out right flat bracket. Any and all criticism and helpful mouse pointers are treasured! Cheers!/PP1)/PPIMG border=”0″ alt=”” src=””/PP2)/PPIMG border=”0″ alt=”” src=””/PP3)/PPIMG border=”0″ alt=”” src=””/PP4)/PPIMG border=”0″ alt=”” src=””/PP5)/PPIMG border=”0″ alt=”” src=””/PP6)/PPIMG border=”0″ alt=”” src=””/PP7)/PPIMG border=”0″ alt=”” src=”” /P
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