Architecture Photographers On Holiday (Part 1)

Hands up guilty ones! Who here gets itchy feet after about 2 months and needs to travel? Worse still, do you need to have a holiday reserved as if you are trapped without this planned escape? My hand is most definitely reaching for the skies but I did just get back from Italy. I travel a lot.

In the past I have been less than prepared and, all too late on my return, it was obvious in the quality of my images. For this article, I will highlight some of my tips and tricks to make the most from a photo trip away. In addition, I have restricted the images in this article to my recent destination, Florence, to further illustrate a little planning ahead can yield great results.

I am principally interested in architecture and landscape so my planning revolves around the light and the aversion of as many tourists as I can reasonably manage. People are good for scale but a 2 storey high statue of an intensely staring God, Neptune, surrounded by balloons and a massive throng of blue shirted people will not make an impressive image.

Not having visited Florence previously, I go straight to Flickr, Wikipedia and Google. Searching Flickr, ordering by

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