Are You Using B&H’s New Payboo Card? If Not, Reconsider Doing So. It’s Awesome.

If you are not familiar with B&H’s Payboo card, take a few minutes and get acquainted. This card provides an immediate credit in the amount of your sales tax during checkout (here is our announcement post).
Most (all?) states that collect sales tax (most do) require you to pay the tax yourself (use tax) when the retailer does not collect sales tax and (most) businesses honor this requirement. Today, most retailers (including B&H) are required to collect the sales tax due. With Payboo, B&H collects the tax and then provides an immediate credit for the same amount as the tax.
It’s a big deal.
I bought a lens a couple of days ago and saved $ 72 — I’m now getting a big discount on everything I buy from B&H.
What is the catch? Pay the bill in full before the due date to avoid the usual high credit card interest rate.
Click Here to Sign Up for the B&H Payboo Card
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