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Sometimes it’s necessary to step back and review the basics. Camera controls are all about changing light, or how much light strikes the film or how sensitive the film is to light. The two primary ways to control of the light striking the film shutter speed and aperture. Shutter speed control how long light is allowed to strike while aperture determines how much light the film. These two controls work in conjunction with the ISO setting (which determines the film speed in digital cameras and refers to the film speed in film cameras) to fine tune the light through the camera. if (zs > 0) {if (zSbL250) gEI (“spacer”) .style. height = Math. floor (. height/12 e [0]) + 17.5 + ’em ‘; else {var zIClns = []; function walkup (e) {if (e! = className ‘ entry. ‘) {if (e. nodeName == ‘ A ‘ || == ‘ right ‘ || == ‘ right ‘ ||e. align == ‘ right ‘ ||e. align = “left” | = |e. alignright className == ‘ ‘ ||e. className = = ‘ alignleft ‘) zIClns. push (e); walkup (e. parentNode)}} walkup (e [0]); if (zIClns. length) {node = zIClns [zIClns. length-1]; var clone = node. cloneNode (true); node.parentNode.removeChild (node); getElementsByClassName (“entry”, gEI (“articlebody”)) [0]. insertBefore (clone, gEI (“spacer”))}}}; zSB (2); zSbL = 0

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