Bird’s-Eye View of Earth’s Endless Formations and Shapes

Alban Henderyckx

Photographer Alban Henderyckx shares with us aerial views of the Earth’s endless formations and shapes. From jagged lines of rocks down by the ocean to geysers spouting away in snow and ice, Henderyckx photographs all the topography details and colors superbly.

Alban Henderyckx landscape photography

He is able to impeccably show the grandeur and power of landscapes from Iceland. These are pictures that will challenge your senses in disbelief, as you wonder if you are indeed gazing at places found here on this planet.

Alban Henderyckx landscape photos


Shot in amazing, almost unbelievable detail and in vibrant, rich colors, Henderyckx’ work is just as spectacular as the subject matter itself.  The most untainted of nature is captured by his camera, from ominous icebergs to vibrantly eerie blue lagoons, with magnificent horizons and spectacular mountain ranges. It is no doubt a remarkable body of work.

Alban Henderyckx landscape photo

Originally from the shores of the Atlantic, he could have been a shore-dwelling individual all his life, but he eventually became a city child. Now thirty years old, Henderyckx instinctively follows the energy of his subconscious to immerse himself more and more in a world without pretense, nature and the vastness of its many landscapes.

Alban Henderyckx landscapes

“When the horizon is open to me, I have a deep sense of freedom,” he says. “It is probably for these reasons that I have as a vital need to freeze the moment when my visions ephemeral atmospheres. At the dawn of the digital era, I live with my time in a world of reflex box. So when the gaze is creative, my reflexes are chromatic,” he adds philosophically. “I always carried my inspiration in everything I undertake. In photography, I like the atmosphere of dreams but no technique, I could convey that vision.”

Alban Henderyckx landscape

Henderyckx also conducts internship photo sessions because he wishes to share his shooting technique which involves the heavy use of filters, as well as healthy doses of post-treatment. He also wishes to impart that energy which drives him to create landscapes that seem to be of another world.

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