Black light

Originally Posted by GOLDENORFE View Post well thats diferent, the bottom swirlly part would look good filling the frame alsoThank you. Different is my middle name ;^) I’m already near 1:1.40 on that shot, to get that swirly thing FF, I would need to use my bellows + the tubes? If I try it, I’ll post it here. Thanks for the comment. Originally Posted by macromeister View Post Interesting. Did you use a dimmer to reduce the light?Thank you. No dimmer, these lights are not too bright to start with, this was shot at F4 and 1/8000 ISO100 if I recall (not at home) I wanted a good deep bokeh.

Edit : I was completely wrong; F4 / 1/320s / ISO100 and -4.3EV by accident.

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