Capped column (reworked)

I’ve already processed this unusual snowflake three years ago, but recently pull it out of archive and decided to fully re-process. I’m happy to see that my processing workflow improved over time: new version have slightly better details, colors and contrast. Also, i keep lots of empty space around crystal in all directions, and created special variant with isolated snowflake on transparent background: all this is needed for quality prints on various products. I glad that such tiny snow crystal (slightly bigger than 1 millimeter on longer axis) now available in full range of print variations.

Snowflake macro photo: Capped column, unusual snow crystal with massive icy column and two small hexagonal caps on opposite ends
Snowflake photo: Capped column, new variant (1200 x 900)

Prints available at Artist website (mirrors at Pixels and FineArtAmerica),
Licenses for commercial use – at,

8 RAW photos was taken as quick series, aligned and averaged to improve signal / noise ratio of this picture.

Here you can see differences between old and new processing:

Comparison snowflake picture: unusual capped column snow crystal - old vs new processing
Old vs new capped column pictures

And here you’ll find another, even more strange variant of capped column – with thin column, and caps of different shape and size:

Snowflake macro photo: small snow crystal of capped column type with thin column and wide caps of different size and shape

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