Captivating Photos of Fairytale-Like Scenes

Magdalena Russocka

If fairy tales are your cup of tea, then immerse yourself in the make-believe world of photographer Magdalena Russocka. This Irish photographer creates and captures captivating fairytale portraits that look as if they were lifted straight out of a storybook. Docile wolves and wild stallions are depicted alongside female figures such as witches, leader queens, and untamed women in this photographer’s series of captivating photos.

Magdalena Russocka photo

Every scene, whether it is set against the backdrop of a forest, snow-white landscape, mist covered lake, or castle ruins, brings the viewer to a make-believe world and realm of adventure and enchantment. Viewing each spellbinding pictures, it is easy to envisage a more complex narrative behind each bewitching image. One could easily conjure-up epic tales of grandiose proportions.

Magdalena Russocka portrait photo

Fairy tales are a type of short story that usually features European folkloric fantasy characters, like fairies, giants, gnomes, goblins, dwarves, elves, mermaids, trolls, or witches, and usually accompanied by magic or enchantments. Thru Russocka’s work, one can escape into such a world as her compositions credibly imitate the surreal atmosphere that surrounds such tales. Her images successfully transport the viewer into a realm of adventure and fantasy.

Magdalena Russocka portrait photographer

Russocka who is from Ireland, has an exceptionally outstanding body of work. She directs models superbly, and her pictures are a credit to fine art photography. Thru her images, she is able to take you to a place and time when fiction driven stories seemed so real in our vivid imaginations. Intensely colorful pictures or black and white images carry with them an aura of mystery and surreal air.  There is a tale in each image, and one can only state that her work is evocatively beautiful. All of them seem to embody a haunting quality that is strangely entrancing to look at.

Magdalena Russocka portrait photography

See her intensely dramatic work here.

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