CDLC: From Grumps to Grins – 10 Tips for Getting Kids to Cooperate for the Camera

From the Canon Digital Learning Center:

An article by professional child and family photographer Laura Morita
As any parent knows, getting a child to cooperate in front of the camera can be an exercise in futility. Why won’t they just do whatever we say and stand wherever we want and smile with just the right number of teeth showing? Do they have to be so difficult? Well, the short answer is yes. They do. So, we can either choose to nag and whine and complain and beg (I’m guilty of all four) or we can try to figure out ways to get them to cooperate.
Whether you are photographing your own kids or someone else’s, sometimes those kiddos just aren’t interested in posing for you, but here are some tricks I use to get cooperative kids.

Check out the full article on the Canon Digital Learning Center.

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