CDLC: Making the Everyday Magical Through Your Photography

From the Canon Digital Learning Center:

By Liza Gershman
Making the everyday magical in your photography can often seem like a daunting challenge, but with a little shift in perspective, some technical tips, and a bit of creative inspiration, you can turn “normal” into “extraordinary.”
Looking at things with different perspectives is a key to making the everyday extraordinary. The proverbial “stop and smell the roses” expression isn’t for nothing. It really can change your average day into something exceptional when you slow down, calm your mind, and see the details in life. Looking towards the small elements, the nuances, you can see true beauty. When the large picture becomes clouded and full of chaos or appears dull, take a moment to slow down and find beauty in the details with the following helpful tips.
How do we find ourselves in the normal? Start by seeking out authentic moments. Once you become an observer and allow life to happen around you, you can begin to see extraordinary things. There is no need to force this. The more relaxed and aware you can become, the more creative and beautiful your images will become.

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