Chasing Rainbows

IMG class=”bracketarticleopen” src=””How-ToIMG class=”bracketarticleclose” src=””BRText Photography By Glenn RandallIMG border=”0″ src=”” width=”645″ height=”400″BRA lot of photographers have images of beautiful, colorful rainbows. Unfortunately, many of them feature a Walmart parking lot in the foreground because the photographer just happened to see the rainbow and snapped a photo. It’s possible to predict where rainbows will happen so you can previsualize and be in position to get a truly special image. Above: Rainbow over the Dyke, Kebler Pass area, near Crested Butte, Colorado.BRThe weather in Arches National Park that afternoon was stormy. Violent but brief squalls alternated with bursts of brilliant sunshine. It was “rainbow weather”

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