Christmas Light Painting Photography Using a Drone

In recent years, photography has been one of the recepients of all the latest technology. It’s benefited from larger sensors, more sensitive cameras in low light, better lenses… you name it! The following clip comes from AscTec and they showcase their latest technology: light painting with drones, a unique form of astrophotography and long exposure shots:

The short version is that the team from Ascending Technology programmed a path for their drone to fly in, and had a camera set to a  long exposure record the whole thing.

drone painting long exposure photography

A flying Christmas tree painted by two drones

The longer version would involve getting into the programming of the drone, which, for the sake of brevity, we will skip. However, if you’re interested in more details, the team has detailed their process here.

camera drone light painting

Santa delivering presents!

While the programming must have taken a longer time, the flight times were all around a couple of minutes, with 10 minutes being the longest video: the Santa image you can see above.

It’s moments like these that make me realize just how much we’re living “in the future.”

For Further Training on Light Painting Photography

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