Collection of fernlike dendrite snowflakes

Fernlike dendrites are common, large and traditional-looking snowflakes. In fact, snow crystals of this type are so big, that many of them can be seen in all details with naked eye, without any magnification tools (especially at contrast background like black wool mitten). I see and photograph huge specimens of this type at regular basis – up to 10 millimeters in size and even bigger! These snowflakes have very small center, and long, complex and massive arms: with many side branches, and lots of icy “petals” and “leaves” on them. These crystals are fragile, and often broke in air, when collide with neighbor snowflakes. In my photo archive, i keep lots of these wonderful crystals, but processing them is hard task: my workflow requires drawing precise mask, which isolates snowflake from background (to be able processing crystal and background separately), and drawing good mask for their complex shape is not easy work.

Here is already processed snowflakes. When i’ll process new crystals of this type, i will immediately add here links to them, too. Just click on photos you like, and they will open as full resolution versions:

Snowflake macro photo: Majestic crystal, very big and complex fernlike dendrite with lots of side branches and good symmetry, sparkling on bright gray-blue gradient backgroundCloseup snowflake photo: Asymmetriad, medium size fernlike dendrite snow crystal with relatively simple structure, glittering on light brown-blue gradient background
Snowflake picture: Neon, real snow crystal of fernlike dendrite type, glowing on dark cyan background in LED back lightSnowflake image: Leaves of ice, huge fernlike dendrite snow crystal with tree-like arms, containing many side branches and icy leaves
Snowflake photo: Winter is coming, large fernlike dendrite with traditional look and fell and nice symmetry, sparkling on pale grey-blue gradient backgroundPicture of snowflake: Cloud number 9, very big fernlike dendrite snow crystal, standing on edge against clear blue background and reflected in glass

Here you’ll find similar collection of small and simple hexagonal plate snowflakes.

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