Creating a Pond Inside a Photography Studio

What’s the best way to light a small pond? Create the pond yourself. That’s what Spanish photographer Gonzaga Manso did, using an inflatable pool along with some rocks and fake vegetation to create this stunning surreal portrait of an elderly couple in love. Watch the behind-the-scenes video here:

Manso is using six lights in total—a two main lights, a Broncolor softbox, one reflector and three smaller lights focused on the subjects, placed close to the water for contrast. He also layered the bottom of the pool in black material and covered the ceiling with a white cloth to bounce the light down and create a deeper reflection.

older couple artistic photo in a pond

Indoor Pond Setup

couple in pond

Final Image

“This is a very personal and special photograph for me. It’s a photograph that talks about love. A calm, sincere and deep love that overcomes barriers and lasts long. It’s a photograph that talks about getting old alongside the person you love.”

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