eBay Watch: Iconic Photographer Mary Ellen Mark’s Nikon FM2 Camera

Mary Ellen Mark's Nikon FM2 camera is up for auction

Most of the eBay Watch posts I make here on PopPhoto.com are about interesting or rare old cameras that command thousands of dollars. This, however, is an auction for a fairly stock Nikon FM2 film camera with a well-worn 28mm F/2.8 lens on the front. However, this rather common camera was owned by a truly remarkable photographer, Mary Ellen Mark.

The auction has four days left at the time of this writing, and a large portion of the proceeds are going to benefit the American Red Cross.

If you’re not familiar with Mary Ellen Mark’s work, she’s a truly iconic documentary photographer, who created images for magazines like People and Life among others.

Sadly, Mark died earlier this year while she was still working as a photographer.

It’s a great piece of photographic history and the money is going to a good cause. Plus, the FM2 was a great little camera. It would be awesome to take this thing out and do some shooting rather than relegating it to a display shelf.

Click here to see the auction page

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