Focus On Rebecca Jackrel ~ For The Love Of Wildlife

I recently listened to an interview of Rebecca Jackrel on The Candid Frame podcast. After listening to her talk about her passion for photography and wildlife, and seeing her beautiful, work I decided to interview her for the readers of dPS. If you enjoy this interview and would like to find out more about Rebecca and her projects, please visit her website and the Ethiopian Wolf Project.

1. How and when did you pick up the photography bug?

When I was young my brother had a darkroom in our home. I would follow him around, holding dandelions and whatnot for him to photograph and then watch in utter amazement as he processed the black and white film. The smell of the chemicals was intoxicating and watching the print appear seemed like magic.

My path through college took me in another direction but art and photography were always in a side compartment of my heart. In 2003 a gift of a digital SLR and a trip to Alaska rekindled my love of photography and it just gets stronger every year.

2. How did you get into wildlife photography?


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