Getting Into Galleries


Many photographers have aspirations, secret or otherwise, of hanging our finest works on the walls of an acclaimed art gallery. But how do we make that dream a reality? Outdoor Photographer sat down with Jolene Hanson, director of The G2 Gallery in Los Angeles, to discuss the practical steps photographers can take to catch the eye of a curator and possibly make it into a gallery.

“Getting work into a gallery really depends on two factors,” Hanson says, “what the gallery is looking for, and what is unique about your work. As you can imagine, galleries are bombarded with artists interested in exhibition or representation; we get no less than one inquiry a day. As a result, there’s a clear way in which galleries look at potential work.

“Most galleries will have an application process,” Hanson explains, “or they will send out a specific call for artists. Some will require a proposal. The gallery, via their website or from the receptionist, will tell you how they accept submissions. Provide the gallery with exactly what is requested. The most important part of filling out any application is to respond to all questions even if you don’t have an answer; put in N/A or the reasoning behind not having the answer.”

Whatever the application process, be sure to follow it to the letter. Leave no “i” undotted, no “t” uncrossed.

First and foremost, galleries show the work of artists they already represent. That means very few slots are available for exhibition. Much like ensuring your r

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