GIF animation: melting snowflake sequences

I’ve already posted two GIF animations (with snowflake melting and reversed sublimation, which looks like “grow”), and here is 3 more animations of snowflakes, melting on glass.

This January starts really good for snowflake photography in Moscow: it is cold and snowy almost every day. I’ve already captured lots of new interesting crystals, and will process them soon!

However, January 14 was a little warm for good shooting: there was snowfalls, and many nice crystals, but my glass plate simply can’t cool enough: even after 30 minutes of cooling outside, snowflakes slowly melts on it. So, instead of shooting sequences of identical shots for averaging, i captured sequences of melting stages. For shooting these series fast enough, i’ve temporary disabled RAW writing, and captured only JPEGs.

Here is three GIF animations: first one assembled from 20 sequental photos (~6 mb), second one – from 29 photos (~7,5 mb), and third – from 32 photos (~8 mb):

Melting snowflake GIF animation by Alexey Kljatov

Melting snowflake GIF animation by Alexey Kljatov

Melting snowflake GIF animation by Alexey Kljatov

It is interesting to see how some snowflake features transforms into air bubbles, and remains inside waterdrop.

More snowflakes in album Snowflakes and snow crystals.
Also i wrote article about snowflake macro photography.

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