Go the Extra Mile to the image you have in mind

A post by: Kav DadfarPPAfter a recent allocation to central Turkey I have uploaded some images to my website and Facebook page. Since then I have had several people ask me how I managed to catch some of my photos. This particular photo of the inside of a hot air balloon had the most questions./PPIMG class=”size-large wp-image-67094 aligncenter” alt=”Hot Air Balloon” src=”http://www.photo-natural.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/wpid-KD-2012-1-400×600.jpg” width=”400″ height=”600″/PPSometimes opportunities for great photos easy to present themselves, but most photographers will tell you that hard work, preparation and research help you achieve the image you have in mind. This was no exception./PPOnce I had details of the allocation I started researching the area. It was clear that this part of the world famous for its spectacular scenery, and balloon rides, so I knew that photographs of balloons is an absolute must on my shot list. But looking at different image libraries revealed that there is no shortage of these kinds of shots from Turkey./PPAs always, I started to write potential ideas of pictures I’d like to get that would be different to what already exists. It didn’t take long for me to note that there are not many photos from inside a hot air balloon and no I could find with the burners on. at this point I didn’t know that if a shot like this was even possible but I knew that if I was able to get one it would be unique./PPI always try to give myself an extra day on a destination, so that I can Scout locations, speaking to local businesses, hotels and restaurants for advice on how to get this type of shot./PPAs soon as I came I went to see the balloon companies on my list and it was clear that there is one with the highest reputation and an English pilot was! I couldn’t believe my luck and the next day I went back to speak to the pilot about the shot. It turned out that in a shot of the balloon with the burner on./PPSo the next morning I head out with the crew at 2 pm, before all other customers arrived./PPI knew I just wanted to get a chance at this and would only be a few minutes to take my photos, so I had to have all settings on my camera set up already./PPTo be on the safe side I would that I expect my ISO set at 1250 me a fast enough shutter speed in low light condition. But, I also knew that once the burners were on I would would have more light inside so I didn’t have the ISO too high. I decided that I’d rather have the extra noise in the image rather than risk the sharpness. I thought my composition and if I should go for portrait or landscape format, so I was ready to just press the button once I got in there./PPOnce it was time to balloon the pilot gave me my cue and I walked inside. I composed the shot and then started shooting already have the camera set to continuous recording mode before I ran./PPBy taking the first picture to the last image was less than 1 min. on the one hand that is above was the last shot taken and the one that my image bank (4Corners images) chose./PIMG class=”size-large wp-image-67097 ” alt=”Some of the shots before I managed to catch the burners the way I wanted.” src=”http://www.photo-natural.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/wpid-KavDadfarHotAirBalloon-600×293.jpg” width=”600″ height=”293″Some of the pictures taken before I managed to capture the burners the way I wanted./PPAll of my research and hard-work of trying to put this shot was worth it if I managed to get the shot that I wanted to catch./PPWhat have you had to go through in order to get the shot you wanted? Have you ever gone the extra mile, the hard work done and had paying for you with a once in a lifetime shot?

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