How to Create Candid Moments as a Wedding Photographer

Photographing a wedding is more than just aiming a camera at the couple. It’s a constant flow of input from the photographer to the subjects, the majority of whom have never seriously posed for the camera before. And having to pose on the biggest day of their life can be intimidating. Good wedding photography requires not only a photographer with a very calm head but also someone who the newlyweds can trust:

A typical wedding is a tide of emotions. Despite the fact that every wedding photographer has a shot list to work with, it’s most importan to capture emotions on the wedding day.

Pye Jirsa provides insight into what goes on during a typical wedding portrait session. This is closest that you can get to actually second shooting with a professional wedding photographer.

wedding portraits
candid wedding photography
tips for photographing a wedding

To reiterate, there’s more to wedding photography than just knowing how to light your models, what camera settings to use, and how to post-process. There is a human element in every portrait session. A good portrait photographer knows how to capture that human element.

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