How to load what you as a photographer are worth and why

A post by: Darlene HildebrandtPPIMG class=”alignright size-full wp-image-67479″ alt=”bambi-cantrell” src=”” width=”300″ height=”238″Bambi Cantrell may not be a name you recognize unless you are a wedding photographer. She has been doing photography since about 1982 and was someone I early on in my career in photography. She is a frequent speaker at the popular WPPI Conference every year and was a recent teacher on Creative Live. These videos are segments of that discussion that discuss that area of value of yourself as a photographer and prices so make a profit and a good life./PPIn this video below Bambi talks on many important aspects to a photographer including:/PHow important what you do as a photographer is to documenting the lives of your customers, not just what they look like but who they are as people how much you need to follow your dreams and never take no for answer, but to always keep moving ahead regardless of what anyone else saysDoing what it takes to make it, and perseverance is the key to successIf you can afford yourself you are inexpensiveHow to charge what you are worth and value of yourself as an artist and photographerPerceived value and when it’s okay to spend more money on somethingPThe second video below addresses some of the same concepts and more in depth about the subject of yourself and your work to appreciate, and charging enough to make enough money at home at the end of the day./PPSo if you’re an aspiring photographer hope make it as a pro, or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while and just can’t seem to turn a profit-give this a listen!/PPYou can also learn how to create relationships so you can grow your business, how to be your next big decision is the right one, and the ultimate guide to go Pro-okay here on dPS./P
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