How to resize frames to fit 16:9 or 4:3

The video formats generally used are 16:9 and 4:3. To get the best quality for your video, you will need to crop your frames to respect one of those two dimensions. Let’s see how to do it with Irfanview.

Calculate your frames size before cropping

Pretty simple step, you need to check out the size of one frame. My pictures from the lithops video were 4000×3000. The simple math you need to do is :

16/9 = 4000/x –> x = 4000 x 9 / 16 = 2250

So I will crop the image on 4000×2250. Still I do not want to cut the picture taking the first 2250 pixels, I want to keep a nice framing. Again pretty easy math :

3000 – 2250 / 2 = 325 px

The cropping departure point will be 0 on x axys and 325 on y axys.

Irfanview Batch for cropping

We will use Irfanview Batch technic for the basis. Once you are in the batch menu, select “conversion batch”. After that go to “advanced options” and here you will be able to define cropping dimensions to your frames. You just have to fill with values calculated above :


Cropping parameters before starting the batch

That’s it, start the batch to crop all your frames in a row, ready to be converted in a nice video.


Plant Time-lapse

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