Hyper Focal Setting For More Depth of Field


Depth in a photograph is conveyed by a spatial relationship between foreground, midground and background elements whereas those nearest the lens are emphasized while the rest of the composition recedes into the distance. The foreground object becomes exaggerated in its size and makes it a dominant feature. The viewer is led through succeeding layers in the rest of the photo. This technique is commonly used in landscape photography to create a three dimensional feel.

To produce this effect, wide angle lenses are used because of their inherent ability to produce more depth of field. Find a scene that has a strong foreground element. Put the lens close to it. Compose the picture so the foreground element is exaggerated and the rest of the composition recedes into the distance. Verticals can be employed equally as well as horizontals.

To achieve maximum depth of field for the purpose of keeping all foreground to background elements sharp, focus the lens at its hyper focal setting. Much depth of field can be gained using this process. The way it works is you set the near distance in feet for your chosen

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