Hyper Zoom Through an Austrian Village (Video)

The following video comes from Geoff Tompkinson and it’s easily my favorite video of the week—at least! It gives a short insight into making beautiful hyperzoom videos, and it does so using a great example: the small village of Hallstatt in Austria. I warmly recommend both the technique and the lakeside village:

(for those of you reading this by email, the hyperzoom video can be seen here)

As Tompkinson describes, if you’ve been there you’ll notice how he played around with the surroundings to “travel” from one place to the next.

“Those of you who know Hallstatt, as well as anyone who watches the video carefully, will appreciate that I have applied a little artistic licence to the geometry of the town in order to seamlessly link the locations.”

hyperzoom halstatt austria telephoto

A screenshot from the video, where every frame is a beautiful photo in itself.

You obviously need a camera with a large telephoto lens to achieve this effect, an impressive amount of time for post-processing, and a couple of days to get thousands of shots in the area you like to portray. And, of course, a vivid imagination is needed to bring everything to life.

“As if on the back of an invisible insect we fly around the sites of this wonderful town in one continuous journey passing through buildings to emerge in different parts of the town, finally ending up on the new viewpoint from Rudolfsturm perched high above the ancient town square.”

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