Improve Your Backgrounds

A Post By: Piper Mackay/PPIMG class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-67656″ alt=Photography-backgrounds-Omo-Valley-Piper-14 src=”” width=600 height=400/PPThe background in your image can quickly reveal your skill level as a photographer. Learning to see past an exotic or exciting subject, to catch the details in the background, is what will distinguish you from a beginning, hobbyist photographer to an experienced professional. The background in your image immediately stands out to a trained eye. Learning just this skill can very quickly elevate and improve your photography./PPMost times, the difference between a snapshot and a strong, compelling image can be as simple as one small step, slightly changing your perspective, or blurring out a background. If the photograph is about an exciting subject, then try to eliminate the background, making it about your subject. If you wish to photograph your subject in their environment check to make sure that:

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