Interesting Photo of the Day: Beautiful Icelandic Sunset

Photography has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time. Whether that location is popular, hidden away, or generally ignored, it’s the photographer’s task to be there and capture a unique perspective through lighting, position, and framing. Sometimes, you stumble across a scene that is already set and waiting to be shot. In this case, it’s a sunset that the photographer knew he needed to capture, but he underestimated how beautiful the scene would be. Having the right equipment makes all of the difference in a situation like this!

long exposure of a sunset over waterfalls in Iceland

“Icelandic Sunset” by Aryeh Nirenberg (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Aryeh Nirenburg captured this stunning photograph of a sunset over the Góðafoss waterfall in Iceland. While road tripping, he arrived at the waterfall just minutes before this scene developed. He used a Nikon D810 to capture it. His settings were a 167 seconds, 32mm focal length, f/11, and ISO 64. Nirenburg put a 10-stop neutral density filter on his lens to restrict the amount of light that entered. Combined with a long exposure time, the image smooths out the details in the whites of the image, including the sky, water, and ice.

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