Interesting Photo of the Day: Stars Over Sunflowers

The amazing part of photography is the multitude of options you have to capture exactly what you envision. A common practice used is the ability to use multiple exposures for creating a single image. For example, landscape photographer Brad Woodhauson from South East Queensland, Australia captured this amazing photo aptly titled “Stars Over Sunflowers” using two exposures on a Canon 7D camera:

sunflowers and sky

Sky: 10mm, ISO 4000, f/3.5, 25 seconds / Foreground: f/5.6, ISO 320, 5 seconds (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

When working with landscapes, using two exposures works best when there is a clear line of separation between your foreground and the sky. Your first image should capture the beauty of the sky, while avoiding overexposure. The second image should focus on the foreground and typically requires a longer exposure. However, to help guarantee the imagery meets your expectations, make sure your shutter speed is long enough to capture the entire histogram (this ensures all color details are produced.

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