Interesting Photo of the Day: Tornado Aftermath

When Mother Nature strikes, everything turns to chaos. Sometimes she seems to flip the whole world upside down. Take, for example, the time when a tornado struck Gum Creek, Tennessee, overturning a shed on Brian Vickers‘s property:

overturned shed after tornado in gum creek tennessee

“World Turned Upside Down” by Brian Vickers (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Vickers took this image using his iPhone by simply rotating the phone to the shed’s perspective.

“My wife liked it and said that it depicted the emotions that she felt after arriving to help with the cleanup… like her world was turned upside down.”

The one thing that stands out in this image is certainly its perspective. The image invokes a sense of tragedy as well as strong disorientation.

How do you feel after looking at the image?

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