Into the Clockface

This past weekend I tried to take shot of Dandeloin and thought that with all my attempts that was the best I had gotten so far. I went back and forth on it for a while and decided it not a keeper and it can and should be improved! PWell, very next day you proved me right with this masterful presentation, yet again!IMG class=inlineimg title=Clap border=0 alt=”” src=””/PPIt should either be hanging on a wall somewhere, or part of a calendar, a tourist brochure, or a post card or something!!/PPAnd a lady-bird in white bokeh, with white spots, as cherry on the top!!!IMG class=inlineimg title=”Bow down” border=0 alt=”” src=””/PPDo you carry various colored plastic lady bird models around to insert them wherever you like??? (orchids, dandeloins, drains pipes). Where do I order mine?IMG class=inlineimg title=Grin border=0 alt=”” src=”” /P
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