Joel Grimes on How to Modify Bright Backgrounds with a Scrim Net

Speaking as a guy who loves capturing outdoor portraits with strobes while underexposing the ambient, I thought this was a fairly neat trick. That said, setting up an 8×8 diffusion frame, hanging the net and then sandbagging the whole thing means that Joel Grimes (and crew) probably spent just as much time (or more) setting up this scrim as I would setting up a strobe, power pack and light modifier. Also, this doesn’t look to be a very flexible option as moving the setup would take a lot of time and work.
That said, a diffusion panel and net would be a more reliable solution as there aren’t any electronic components to fail and battery power is not required. And compared to a high-power monolight solution, the scrim is probably a less expensive option. [Sean]
From the F.J. Westcott YouTube Channel:
Have you ever had trouble shooting in full sun? World renowned commercial portrait photographer Joel Grimes discusses how to cut bright sunlight and backgrounds in this portrait tutorial.
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