Just Posted: Canon EOS M50 Review

Just posted: Canon EOS M50 Review.
The M50 is simply a great little camera!
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Note that I encountered two repeatable minor bugs while evaluating the M50.
First, if the memory card is removed and re-inserted after changing the camera’s ISO setting and/or AF point selection (and perhaps other settings?) without a photo captured between these steps, the settings will revert to their prior selections. To reproduce this issue, take a photo. Then change the camera’s ISO setting and AF point selection (single point), remove the memory card and reinsert the card. The ISO setting and AF point selection will revert to those used to capture the last-prior photo. This is not a big deal, but something to be aware of.
Another issue is that Canon Digital Photo Professional (version is not honoring brightness adjustments made to C-RAW files in the Main window. The thumbnails show the adjustment, but the adjustment is not actually written to the file and saved to disk. Batch processing picks up the unadjusted file. Reloading DPP shows the unadjusted brightness in the Main window thumbnails. Adjustments made in the Editor are working fine. Again, this is just an anomaly to be aware of until Canon implements the fix.
Both of these bugs have been reported to Canon.

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