“Life history”: increase the historical houses that belong to the Association.

M.V. year X – Nr 10.05.2012 540

The taste of the past refinement, charm, Italian hospitality of pleasure and a date of construction around 1920 and not the presence of property management: are the must to enter the homes of rosa belonging to “living history”, non-profit organization which, since 1995, has promoted the style and tradition of Italian hospitality in historical housescontributing to the improvement and restoration of an important part of the Italian cultural heritage.

“In May last year – said Alissia Mancino, president of the Association and a member of the family that owns the STRAF in Milan, which also manages the historic Grand Hotel and Milan-we have presented the new site and many new communications and marketing, including an iPhone application free update, with the ambition to grow in the coming years the 10-15% as partners.” A year away from 20 we went to housing bin 28 and also increases the interest of buyers, both Italian and foreign, clear sign that we are in the right direction. “The new members are Ramezzana Village Trino (VC), Villa e Palazzo Aminta, Stresa (VB), Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni (Bellagio, CO short distance), Locanda dei may Intees (Middleburg, VA), Palazzo Arzaga Calvagese della Riviera (BS), Hotel Metropole Venice, Hotel Orso Grigio (San Candido Tyrol), Villa Campestri oil Olive Resort Vicchio Mugello (FI), Castello di San Marco Calatabiano (CT).

At a time where tourist segments that less affected by the crisis are those of cultural and experiential travel and travel luxury, Italy includes everything that can satisfy the expectations of the market. An artistic value, cultural landscape in which the historical residences, each with its own unique character, reveal many souls in our territory. As all assets are valuable and necessary to preserve the decay and neglect. They are the same owners, generally descendants of the inhabitants of these houses, who choose more in addition to transform their “family treasure” in worthy of the best standard of hospitality accommodation Italian ancient casati, driven by the need to maintain unchanged the spirit and form, at the same time cover its costs. This is how these ancient relics of our living past, to give the public the excitement of a real salon “in history”.

The 16th century castles and ancient bagli, villas and monasteries, surrounded by greenery, elegant Palace perched on the cliffs overlooking the sea are not only frames high-level perfect “H

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