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A post by: Andrew FaulkPPIMG class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-68465″ alt=”IMG_5794.jpg” src=”” width=”600″ height=”399″/PPYou hit the export button and your shot is now ready for your website, blog, Facebook photography-page or an email attachment to a client. Be honest with yourself. Why is it a large image? Many photographers fall into the trap of thinking of an image is stellar because of his textbook perfection. Beware. “regular Joe” is not so interested in technical precision as they are in the frame the story./PPMany photographers focus on leaving a shoot with that a glorious image. However, it is rare that a single image is powerful enough to be a bigger story to tell. Regardless of the technical expertise of a picture most people find stories images more appealing. Viewers wanting to attach themselves to a picture and invest in a bigger story. Given this, you would be wise to lighten up on the search for the “money shot” and start the searching of multiple frames which can be reconstructed in a collection that covers a much more interesting overview of your topic./PPIn his article “tell stories with Photos” Digital Photography School compares founder Darren Rowse a fascinating image with a short story. If you’re like me, you would rather your time for reading a whole novel, then to flirt with a short story. When your one image is not powerful enough or you do not meet the impressive recording you originally intended to get, shoot variations of a scene and present them as a cohesive collection. Also learn to every shoot or location as an opportunity to make a Visual essay that a grander story presents./PPThe following are common types of photos included in a multiple photo collection. Although it is not necessary that each type of photo in your compilation is, it is important that your variants have a logical order and rhythm./PPThis is the image that creates a sense of place. The scene setter is usually a great opener for your collection. It identifies location and introduces topic for your audience./PPIMG title=”IMG_6039.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 6039″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”400″/PPPull back a bit and give more information to the Viewer. Using a wider focal length includes some of the larger scene. By doing this, the collection begins to take shape and you have your target group prepared for the action of your story./PPIMG title=”IMG_6054.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 6054″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”400″/PPMost collections will have a human element. The reason why portraits is so popular is because, as viewers of the photography, we personally connect in some way to every other man. People identify with others and by a portrait in your collection, your audience can be emotionally lead in your story./PPIMG title=”IMG_5794.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 5794″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”399″/PPThere is little detail in every scene that overlook. Whether it’s the trampled confetti on a dance floor or a child’s shoe, the unbound side is the magic often caught up in the minutia. Detail photos also make great transitions in a multiple photo collection./PPIMG title=”IMG_6208.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 6208″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”400″/PPHave you ever been to a tourist hotspot and seen a clump of photographers their 70-200 mm lenses pointing in the same direction, from the same height? Even after the Edit individual photographers, I’m willing to bet that pictures taken from the “clumps” are, you guessed it, same thing. To make your photography stand out and to improve the importance of your collection, shooting variations that other photographers not to notice./PPIMG title=”IMG_6015.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 6015″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”400″/PPIMG title=”IMG_6235.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 6235″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”400″/PPAction shots are a great way to identify what is widely regarded as the core of each story. The action shots are, however, only the gravy on the mashed potatoes. The real story is in the elements around the action. Think about a wedding. The highlight of the action of a marriage comes to the words “do” and a kiss. However, are the best photos before and after that moment captured. Many photographers focus on the shot of the action and are left without time or energy for anything else. My advice is to first shoot, so that every other variation to build the scaffolding of a larger story./PPIMG title=”IMG_5931.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 5931″ src=”” width=”400″ height=”600″/PPIMG title=”IMG_5997.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 5997″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”400″/PPHow does your story? To end of a collection, think about what you would like to leave sustainable image with your audience. Make sure the last shot offers your audience a sense of closure./PPIMG title=”IMG_6381.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”IMG 6381″ src=”” width=”600″ height=”400″/PPWhen you pack your stuff for a shoot, remind yourself that one is not always the stellar image larger story. There is a photographic gold to be mined if you yourself time and allow yourself to break out of the crippling tunnel vision that most photographers pests. The next time you press the export button, be sure you tell a bigger story by producing variations and present them as a collection./PPSTRONGGear tip:/STRONG very often, a scene unfolds quite quickly. Whether it’s a sporting event, party or field trip, photographers should be at hand to capture the larger story quickly. While many tele zoom lenses do not have the character of their excellent lens counterparts, they are extremely useful when you are trying to create a collection in a short amount of time. Try a 24-105 mm (or similar) lens to capture both the wide and tight elements needed in an effective stories collection./PPSTRONGFor additional information about how to create these images read stories:/STRONG/PIMG class=”avatar avatar-78 photo” alt=”” src=”” width=”78″ height=”78″PAndrew Faulk is an educator and freelance photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. He specializes in portrait and travel photography. Andrew also acts as an instructor for Korea based photography expeditions for their flashlight tours./P
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