Nikon D500 Shipments Delayed Until April

Originally slated to hit retail shelves next month, the Nikon D500’s ship date has been delayed until late April.
In a press release posted this morning, Nikon Japan stated that it could not produce a sufficient number of cameras (and other accessories) to fill demand for the originally scheduled April release date.
Products Delayed

  • D500
  • D500 16-80 VR lens kit
  • Wireless Transmitter WT-7
  • Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D17
  • Semi-Soft Case CF-DC8
  • Strap AN-DC17
  • USB cable for the terminal cover UF-7
  • Stereo mini-plug cable for the terminal cover UF-8

B&H has the Nikon D500 available for preorder.

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