Nikon D850: sample images

Our Nikon D850 has arrived in the TechRadar office, and we're busy testing it for our full in-depth review. But ahead of that we wanted to share with you some sample images from this 45.4MP full-frame monster. 

With no raw support for the D850 in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom just yet (though hopefully that's coming soon), these are just the JPEG files from the D850, but they should give you a flavor of what this camera is capable of. 

The architectural shots we've taken in London, and during a brief trip to Düsseldorf, were shot at relatively high ISOs. We're also planning to shoot some action to test the D850's 153-point AF system and burst-shooting capabilities, and some low-ISO landscapes to really pixel-peep at the detail the D850 is capable of resolving; we'll be adding those images to the gallery below, so make sure to check back.

Nikon D850 sample images

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