Nikon Files Patent for a Smart Watch that Releases Fragrance

In one of the oddest major camera brand patents we’ve seen, it appears Nikon has filed a patent for a smart watch that releases a fragrance.
According to the Egami Blog, the watch would contain a fragrance cartridge that emits a fragrance triggered by time of day or face detection, with variables such as age and gender taken into account.

Nikon Watch Patent Fragrance Release

Description of Patent
Patent Publication No. 2015-228943

  • Published 2015.12.21
  • Filing date 2014.6.4
  • Wearable device that houses a fragrance
  • Fragrance cartridge type
  • Automatically and release a fragrance
    • Time, face detection, gender, and age by the face detection

Future Conversation:
“Anyone have the time?”
“Why yes! It’s half past 8 o’clock. Care to smell?”
*confused expression*

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