Our new trick photography book buy and go into draws to a digital reflex or the Lens on the value of $ 1500

Last week we let you know about our brand new trick photography eBook with a 25% early bird discount.

While only a week old, is all this eBook inspiring thousands of people to charge their creative comfort zone, know they have one of the best in the business on their side.

Given the popularity of this ebook in such a short time, we’re going to up the ante a bit more

On top of the neat 25% discount you already get, order in the next two weeks and you also go into the draw to win a new digital SLR or a new lens on the value of $ 1,500 USD!

The winner can choose whether a new digital reflex or combination of lenses to their needs to an amount of $ 1500 USD.

The winner can choose to have their USD $ 1500 on a single camera or lens. As an alternative, they can choose to buy 2-3 lenses (as long as the total does not exceed $ 1500 USD).

So, Canon owners can Canon mount lenses. Nikon owners can Nikon mount lenses. Micro 4/3 camera owners can choose lenses on their cameras.

Based on previous matches, I know that we will get a number of questions on this, so here is some common questions:

What if I already bought Photo magic? You are in the draw and do not need to do anything else.This Is open to all international readers?

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