Publishing Today and Tomorrow: Lighting 102 v.2.0

Hey folks,

Things may have appeared rather quiet around here, but there is a lot going on under the hood. You’ll remember that in 2014 Strobist transformed from a 2x/week blog to more of a knowledge bank. This was done to create the time and space to develop other projects.

The latter has included things like The Traveling Photographer and the Photographer’s Oil Collective, both of which are off and running.

But the flipside of this change in rhythm at Strobist was also to be able to put more time into the larger chunks of the site as opposed to day-to-day posting. I want to keep growing and improving the larger modules that create the real long-term value at Strobist, rather than just posting for posting’s sake. To that end, today and tomorrow a completely revised and updated Lighting 102 series will be debuting on Strobist.

Apologies in advance for the feast-or-famine situation in your RSS feed or inbox. I have been working on the L102 redo for a while now, along with Lighting 103 (in production) and Lighting 104 (fully mapped out).

Thanks for your continued interest and support. You guys rock.



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