Queen Wasp and others …

Thank you SB, Brian.PStumble, I am indeed using a 7 d and 100 l. all my recordings are hand held and I tend to use f/10 or f/11, 1/250th, ISO 250 and diffused Flash. For these particular photos I was not using any extension tubes. The fly in # 2 and # 3 are light crops./PPI often use AF when you are out and about in the garden, but will also switch to MF. These were the first in this case. It’s just practice. I used to fight strong and believe me, I get them on the first shot of all the time. Sometimes I’m lucky to have a topic that fortunately for more than one frame so that in most cases I get a sharp shot (I haven’t been able to get the hang of multiple shots for focus stacking, they never stay still long enough for me)./PPIf you are worried about focus, test your kit./PPPut the Camera on a tripod, mirror lockup to enable and use a remote shutter release or the 10 second timer./PPFocus on 1: 1 on a pin head at f/11 (to Select exposure length accordingly or you flash or not) and take some photos. Try it also on the pin tip./PPIf they “pin” sharp, then your kit is fine. If they are OOF then maybe some micro adjustment in the menus or if it is really bad then local shop/repair center?/PPYou could post your test results here if we can also have a look ourselves./P
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