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Looking for new ideas for your next project? you stepped into the right place. This post talks about brand new web tools that convert good ideas in excellent pieces of web development. Slowly but constantly, web tools are replacing desktop programs and It is very likely that in the future there will be no need of hard drives since everything will be in the cloud. The greatest developers for desktop applications will need to adapt to this or disappear. We bring you some tools that show the future now. So that you start adapting to it.

We Love Icon Fonts

Cool website that allows the free hosting of icon fonts. The idea is similar to Google fonts. You may add any icon set to your collection and then integrate it to your CSS and font family.


This javascript based tool allows to do A/B testing and results are registered into google analytics profile. no need to configure anything on the server.

This is a framework designed to easily structure html and CSS. ideal for medium and large content websites. Works well with other frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap.


An innovative javascript library that allows the skewing of elements used within it. Its homesite shows a cool example that allows to manipulate the skewing manually.


A web based tool ideal to create designs that provide good user experience. As stated in developers

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