Roadside Photo Ops

IMG class=”bracketarticleopen” src=””How-ToIMG class=”bracketarticleclose” src=””BRIMG border=”0″ src=”” width=”645″ height=”400″PMany outstanding nature photos have a dramatic backstory. On the OP Daily Blog at, we have a section devoted specifically to the stories behind the shots, where photographers tell of harrowing predawn treks and dramatic moments of wild weather. But a photo doesn’t need to be associated with a death-defying feat to be a good image./PPIn April, we reached out to the OP community on Facebook requesting submissions of images that actually were taken by the side of the road. We have published several of the photos in this article. Even if you aren’t passing by the areas we showcase here, these pages should inspire you to look for roadside landscapes as you travel this summer. Slow down, and if you think you see something, by all means, stop, have a look and break out your camera./PPIMG border=”0″ src=”” width=”200″ height=”160″1 Last winter, I was driving home from Big Sky

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