Rooms at the Inn with mini


Do you remember Renato Pozzetto, while in the film “the country boy” was trying to move into her apartment? Who would not want to see the legendary miniature House at least once and be able to say: “LDAC? In Odessa, in Ukraine, you can experience very similar, here was built at thehostel with the small rooms in the world. The rooms have all bathroom, obviously without door because he there would be no open space, cable TV and a bed, stuck between the walls. Some don’t even have the window.

(Look at the photo gallery of the Inn with rooms MINI)

This guest house offers very advantageous prices from even less than 5 euro for a bed. The hostel itself is very large, offers customers about 600 rooms, laundry and free parking, also located in a very convenient and central location with regard to the attractions of the city. Near the hostel there are Odessa Opera House, Ekaterininskaya Square and famous Potemkin staircase. To stay here can therefore be advantageous for those who want to visit the place and has no particular claim, without taking into account this is a really special experience. However if you’re claustrophobic, this is certainly not the place for you. Fortunately, not all youth hostels are like that, in the world there are also economic structures but they are very welcoming.

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